Hoffenmer Terms & Conditions

Subscription to Notifications
by Email and Text Messaging/Phone Calls

Program Descriptions

Hoffenmer Inc will send you email(s) or text message notifications only after you have requested such notifications by visiting our subscription page: www.hoffenmer.com/subscribe.html and provided your contact information granting us permission to contact you. Hoffenmer Inc may also send you transactional notifications each time you have made a purchase, requested a service, an amendment to service request or requested information about your company compliance with FMCSA regulations.


Hoffenmer does not charge any money/fees for sending periodic reminders and notifications above described. However, your mobile carrier may charge you standard rates for text/sms messages. T-Mobile is [or the Wireless Carriers are] not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

Message and Data Rates

Message & data rates may apply. The frequency of delivery of messages may occur on a per-transaction (service purchase/confirmation) basis or on a monthly basis in case of reminders/notifications sent to subscribed users. Recurring messages may be sent. Some seasonal services may require additional messages delivered and/or interaction with a reply-back may result in further messaging from our servers. Message and data rates may apply in all instances of these communications.

How to opt-out of receiving texts and emails

To stop receiving text messages reply "STOP", "END", "STOPALL", "STOP ALL", "QUIT", "UNSUBSCRIBE" to a message you have received from Hoffenmer Inc; contact your sales representative by calling 255-240-0880 or call 866-866-0217 to speak with our support center representative. All requests are processed within 30 days. Remember to only reply with the keyword in example above, and without additional words, in order to successfully unsubscribe from text messages.


For support or information about Hoffenmer’s text or email campaign, please email dothelp@hoffenmer.com or call 866-866-0217.


Mailing Center

2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW# 1022
Washington DC 20006

Processing Center

33 West Higgins Road 810
Barrington IL 60010